About The Area

Our Strengths

  • Growing Economy - A high growth rate, a resilient manufacturing sector and increasing numbers of business developments.
  • A Growing Population - Approximately 178,000 people live in St. Helens with growing internal migration.
  • Well Connected - St. Helens lies at the heart of the North West with strong and growing strategic road and rail access.
  • More Homes - Over 2,300 new homes built since 2013/14.
  • A Safe Place to Live - Crime rates are generally lower than those of our statistical neighbours and people reportedly feeling safe.
  • Healthcare - We have an award-winning health and care integration service.
  • A Green Place - Over half our Borough is rural with many quality parks and open spaces.

Our Key Messages

  • At the heart of the North West and well connected
  • Strong economic growth prospects
  • A good place to live
  • Some challenges we are determined to overcome

Our Challenges

  • An Ageing Population - Our population is ageing faster than many other areas, creating high demand for health and care services.
  • Deprivation - There are relatively high levels of deprivation and inequality to be found in areas of the borough.
  • Poor Health - Average levels of life expectancy are lower than they are regionally and nationally and vary significantly within the borough.
  • Worklessness -There are still lower numbers of people in work, higher numbers of people on out of work benefits and less economic activity than the national average.
  • Low Attainment and Skill Levels - Although having shown improvement, school attainment and adult skill levels lag the national averages, particularly higher-level skills for specialist sectors.
  • High Demand for Children's Services - There are high numbers of children in the care system and children and families requiring social care support.