About the Council

Our Council is one of the six local Merseyside authorities that make up the Liverpool City Region. Situated strategically at the heart of the North West and central to the ‘Northern Powerhouse, the borough also enjoys strong connections to Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

We provide the full range of local authority services to residents, businesses, schools and visitors to the borough, either directly or through commissioning or partnership arrangements.

The services delivered include many ‘place’ based services such as waste and recycling, street cleansing, licensing, planning and development permissions, environmental health and trading standards, maintenance of highways, footpaths, parks and open spaces, and many more.

We also deliver a broad range of people-based services, such as care services for older people, vulnerable adults and people with disabilities, children’s centres and early year’s services, school support and improvement, support for children with special educational needs, fostering and adoption services, public health services, benefits administration, housing and homelessness support and libraries and leisure services.

Our Council is governed by 48 ward Councillors representing 16 electoral wards across the borough. The current political structure is as follows:

Party Seats
Labour 35
Liberal Democrats 4
Conservative 3
Independent ​2
Green Party 2
Vacancies 2


At Full Council, all Councillors meet to debate and agree decisions on the Council’s budget and policies. The Council is led by a Leader and supported by a Cabinet, with each Cabinet Member taking responsibility for a portfolio of Council functions and service areas. In addition, a series of committees, appointed by Full Council, undertake specific functions which are not the responsibility of the Cabinet. A Scrutiny Commission and series of dedicated Scrutiny Committees hold Cabinet to account by examining the overall performance of the Council and the decisions and actions taken by the Cabinet. 

Our Council is managed by the Chief Executive and an Executive Leadership Team covering three Directorates and consisting of three Executive Directors, an Assistant Chief Executive, and a Director of Children’s Services.

The Place Services Department provides a wide range of place-based services listed above, including Housing and Homelessness support as well as Libraries and Leisure services. The Corporate Services Department provides a series of statutory functions and support services that add value and enable the effective running of the Council. The People’s Services Department provides a broad range of statutory and non-statutory services for children, young people and adults as outlined above.